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Foot orthotics are devises that are custom made to each individual foot. They are designed to help treat various foot conditions that affect the foot, and everything else (the skeletal system). 

No two individual feet are the same. Unlike generic, behind the counter/off the shelf insoles, foot orthotics are scanned to be moulded to each individual foot.

Although orthotics are beneficial when treating various conditions, they are not necessarily needed all the time. We believe that they are a great tool to be used as a proprioceptive guide (the bodies awareness of where it is in space) for the foot.
Orthotics are designed to guide your foot to use its intrinsic muscles, which means that the rest is up to you. There are simple exercises that can and should be used to help strengthen the muscles of the feet.

If you would like to know more, or think you may need orthotics, feel free to give us a call and make a booking today!